My 2021 Reading Resolutions: Read with Joy

“I don’t see the point in getting frustrated when reading is supposed to be for pleasure.” This comment from Nicki at The Secret Library Book Blog absolutely nails my mentality about reading and helped me (finally) solidify my reading resolutions for 2021.

After all, how many times have I defended reading romances, middle grade books, YA, graphic novels, comic books and audiobooks? For some, the joy of reading is classics and every book that graces the bestsellers list. For others, the enjoyment is in quality of the literature (and the ability to oh-so-hunbly brag about the quality of their reading). Some of my best reading friends read on a completely different side of the library from me. I’m not reading to keep up with anyone or to compete and I hope I don’t inspire that feeling in anyone that visits this site. This year I will Read with Joy and, with that in mind, I was finally able to pick out my 2021 Reading Resolutions.

2021 Mood Reading Challenge

See what I did there? That’s right, I made my mood reading a challenge! Any mood readers out there who want to join me can. Read any book that you didn’t plan to read this week / month / year and you too can be a mood reader! Audiobooks, re-reads, new and old, if you picked it based on your mood then it counts. You can join now or later because no one can really tell when mood reading will set it (hello 2020…). You can see the full set of “rules”and officially join here.

2021 Nonfiction Reader Challenge

This challenge, brought to the world by Book’d Out, is tailer-made for my existing bookshelf and reading habits. The only category that I will have to stretch to meet is Oceanography but, I’m game! Therefore I am going for Nonfiction Know-it-All which is 12 books, one from each category.

* You can choose your books as you go or create a list in advance. You may combine this challenge with others if you wish. Use your best good faith judgement as to whether a book fits the category or not.

* Where a book is identified by more than one category, it may only count for one, not both.

* You can read your chosen titles in any order, at any pace, just complete the challenge by December 31st 2021


1. Biography

2. Travel

3. Self-help

4. Essay Collection

5. Disease

6. Oceanography 

7. Hobbies

8. Indigenous Cultures

9. Food

10. Wartime Experiences

11. Inventions

12. Published in 2021

2021 Book to Movie Challenge

I am a big fan of books made into movies and, honestly, I cannot resist them. If I find out a movie has been based on the book I am reaching for a way of ordering / requesting that book immediately. So, when I saw Gathered Together’s gorgeous list of books and matching media, I knew it would be great fun. I’m definitely going to achieve Not Ready to Let Go and Living in the Past and I hope to do more!

2021 Audiobook Challenge

This is one of the few challenges that has both changed my reading and brought me joy. I have participated for a few years and I am so thankful that Caffeinated Reviewer is back with a new co-host, That’s What I’m Talking About, for the 2021 Audiobook Challenge. I am going for Binge Listener (20-30 Books) again this year.

2021 Library Love

I joined this challenge in 2019 and plum forgot about it in 2020 but nothing has made me appreciate my library more than this stupid pandemic. Hosted by Angel’s Guilty Pleasures and Books of My Heart the Library Love challenge is simple: it just wants you to appreciate your library and save money. Signing up is easy and they have quarterly give-aways that only require you to write two sentences. You can sign up here!

Four at a Time

This is my reading happy place. I like to read multiply books at a time and, through the years, I have found that four is perfect for me. One on my kindle, one audiobook, one physical fiction, and one physical nonfiction. This year I vow to only add one to the stack when I finish one.

Track Everything

These challenges are all designed to allow me to read whatever I want, whenever I want. I have faithfully used Goodreads for a few years now, and I will continue. I am going to set my Goodreads goal at 125 but I want to really and truly keep track of everything – the who, what, when, where, why, and how of my books. And, honestly, this is where I probably need to dig a little deeper. How am I going to do this? How do you all keep track of your books, recommendations, and reviews?

Tell me, please! What are your reading resolutions for 2021?


18 thoughts on “My 2021 Reading Resolutions: Read with Joy

Add yours

  1. To track use spreadsheets matey! Many bloggers use journals but I use excel. I track arcs, page numbers, genre, etc. My particular tracking sheets aren’t usable for others without lots of work but there are bloggers that have pretty templates that they share. I can’t remember who at this point exactly.
    x The Captain

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      1. Oh my goodness – thank you! I was just going to let you know that Book Riot also put a public one out! I just need to start somewhere and I really really appreciate you going the extra mile to help me!

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  2. I really like your goals for this year! I do technically consider myself a mood reader and I want to browse my library and just read what I want to. However, I’m equally as guilty about the size of my TBR and want to prioritize my unread books. I’ve halved it in a year, so I’m getting really close! I wasn’t familiar with a lot of these challenges either – thank you for sharing them! Happy new year!

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    1. I feel like if I pick it off my TBR but it was not planned then it is a mood read. Double dipping? I care not! All of my challenges are meant to support my reading the books I already own and are on my TBR but I just want to read without guilt this year. Happy New Year!

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