March 2021 Reading Plans

Oooh, I do so love looking at everyone's reading plans at the beginning of the month. I can see everyone organizing their ARCs, new releases, personal goals etcetera. What are my reading plans for the month? I'm not making any! *cue maniacal laughter* I started the year with plans to read with Joy and to... Continue Reading →

Pipsqueak by Brian M. Wiprud

After Furiously Happy I will probably always read a book featuring taxidermy of any kind and this book, lent to me by a neighbor, was such a fun mystery to read! SYNOPSIS New York City taxidermy collector Garth Carson was seconds away from snagging the greatest find of his careerโ€”the original Pipsqueak the Nutty Nut,... Continue Reading →

The 2021 Mood Reader Challenge

I read article after article in 2020 about people's reading struggle. I myself had not one, but two reading slumps! The only thing that pulled me out was allowing myself to read like I wanted to in that moment. Some people call this mood reading, others just reading. When I was trying to decide my... Continue Reading →

Blogmas: December 10, 2020

HAPPY CHANUKAH! Chanukah begins today and I must admit, I am fascinated by it. Here in Chicago there are several trucks / vans with a huge menorahs on them that drive around with a loudspeaker. Over and over again, over the loudspeaker someone says, "It is the first night of hannakah, light one candle." And... Continue Reading →

Blogmas: December 7, 2020

ANYTHING CAN BRING CHRISTMAS JOY There is absolutely no need to bankrupt yourself decorating your space for Christmas. Nor will I encourage people to head out to the stores unnecessarily for supplies. Instead, I have been taking a look around my house for simple things that can be repurposed as decorations. I really love when... Continue Reading →

My Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon

This wasn't my first readathon but this was the first time I was ready! Preparation made all the difference in creating a lovely relaxing day of reading. I wanted to be more social this time but I also didn't want to pick up my phone every ten minutes so I used my bullet journal to... Continue Reading →

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