Welcome books lovers! Here you can find recommendations and reviews of books that I love. Not every book I read gets a Silver Button stamp of approval. If I review it, I enjoyed it. Maybe I loved it.  Maybe I slept with it under my pillow and prayed for insomnia so I could read it again in the middle of the night. I will let you know.

If I didn’t enjoy it then I gave it the stink eye and shoved it into the little free library around the corner with the hope that it would find a happy home. No need to dwell and certainly no need to review it.

This and a few more reasons is why I do not accept free books or advance reader copies for any of my reviews.  That Catholic guilt that resides deep inside of me will not allow me to take something for free without reviewing it.  Since I only post positive reviews, accepting a free book puts me in an awkward position.  So, all of the books reviewed on this site have been purchased by myself or borrowed from my local library.

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