NY Times by the Book Tag and a Book Tag Journey

I love book blogs. Sometimes, when I don’t write for a while that is because I am knee-deep in reading and enjoying the adventures of literature through the eyes of my fellow book bloggers.

Recently, I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Thrice Read, and they had featured a tag called, “New York Times by the Book Tag.” While I was intrigued by the title (and the fab post, check it out here) I couldn’t figure out why it was called The New York Times by the Book Tag. The originator of the tag is Marie Berg and there is a youtube link but the video is lost. So, I started backtracking through the different blogs that tagged each other. I started with Thrice Read who was found the tag on Beth’s blog Reading Every Night. Beth was tagged by Jessica at Pour Over Pages. Jessica was tagged by Lois from Lois Reads Books. Lois was tagged by Reg from She Latitude. Now, Reg had tagged a couple of other people but you can only go so far down the rabbit hole. Reg was tagged by Lauren at Wonderless Reviews. And Lauren was tagged by Louise at Genie Reads. Louise was tagged by Michelle at Book Adventures. Now, I don’t know where Michelle’s New York Times post went so I decided this was the end of my journey. Whew!

Now I have five new book blogs to follow, an avalanche of books to add to my TBR and an overwhelming need to tell everyone to drop what they are doing and read Pierce Brown right now (so many bloggers cited his books as ones they meant to read). If I were you I would check out all these fantastic blogs – many of them also include how they organize their books shelves, some with pictures!

New York Times by the Book Tag

What Book is On Your Nightstand Now?

make aheadThe Complete Make-Ahead Cookbook from America’s Test Kitchen. It gives me delicious dreams.





What was the Last Truly Great Book You Read?


Messy, The Power of Disorder to Transform Our Lives by Tim Harford is the book I just cannot stop recommending. I love this book and I have become very annoying to those around me by quoting it.





If You Could Meet Any Author – Dead or Alive – Who Would it Be? And What Would You Want to Know?

Truthfully, I do not want to meet any authors. What if I met the author of my favorite book series and I despised him / her? What if she was a horrible excuse for a human being? I feel the same way about actors. I just want to enjoy the books and movies.

What Books Might We Be Surprised to Find On Your Shelf?

I have a ton of reference books on my shelves. But, now that I am looking, I have an alarming number of books about code breaking and ciphering. Huh. I don’t even know Morse Code.

How do you Organize Your Personal Library?


In this past year I purchased all of these wonderful bookshelves from Ikea. I try to keep my books in groups (like with like, series books all together) but I do have one whole bookshelf reserved for TBR and one for all my favorite books.

I am actually waiting for a nice cold weekend to pull them all off and reorganize them. After reading everyone else’s style I have some fantastic ideas.

What Books Have you Always Meant to Read But Haven’t Gotten Around to Yet?

All the major works of Shakespeare. I’m embarrassed that I haven’t actually read any of his great plays.

Disappointed, Overrated, Just Not Good: What Book Did you Feel Like you are Supposed to Like but Didn’t?

I’m on the edge of skipping this one because I don’t like to give negative reviews but this one isn’t a negative review so much as a I-didn’t-like-it-as-much-as-everyone-else book.


People claimed that this book changed their lives. I think that is the part that really bothered me. Kathryn Stockett was “shining a light” on something that I felt like everyone knew about and she didn’t do it as well as I would have liked. However, if this book did change your world view then that is good news and I want to encourage you to dig deeper. Perhaps reading about minority issues from a minority author would be a good place to start.



What Kind of Stories are You Drawn to? Any you Stay Clear of?

I am definitely drawn to stories where everyone gets what is coming to them. I think that is how I keep ending up in the YA and Children’s section. I also enjoy Historical Fiction, Science Fiction, Non-Fiction and Fantasy.

I steer clear of books intending to make you cry. You know the ones.

If You Could Require the President to Read One Book,

What Would It Be?

So many books are on this list. I thought about tomes written about compassion, works of minority authors, immigrant stories, history books, maybe some basic science books. But, I have very little to no faith that someone else is capable of changing his mind.  I am going to have to say a nice Children’s Thesaurus.

What Do You Plan to Read Next?

shadowI am wrapping up The Ascendence Trilogy with The Shadow Throne by Jennifer Nielsen.






And there you have it! The New York Times by the Book Tag and a wandering journey through the history of the tag. If anyone knows why it is called this, let me know!


6 thoughts on “NY Times by the Book Tag and a Book Tag Journey

Add yours

  1. Great answers for this tag, and wow I’m amazed by how you tracked this tag through the other people who’d taken part in it.
    I liked your answer for the ‘author you’d like to meet question’. It’s actually an interesting way of looking at it because I guess there is that worry that you’d meet someone you really admired and the experience would be less than ideal, and what then? Most of the authors I’ve met have been lovely though, so hopefully if I ever meet the author I’d most like to she will be as well. 🙂
    I hope you enjoy the book next on your to-read list, and that you make it to Shakespeare’s majors works one day as well.
    Again great answers for this tag. I loved reading your post. 🙂


  2. Lovely answers for this tag! Also, WOW, you have kept track of all of these book bloggers doing the tag, you’re SO awesome just for that. I can never keep track of things like that 😂
    I really love your bookshelves, they look so neat! It’s so hard to find a right way to organize our bookshelves, we definitely want them to look as gorgeous as the ones online, it gives us tons of ideas, but… it takes tons of time to organize everything as well 😂


  3. Ahh I totally appreciate your log of everyone who did this tag! Sometimes I do the same thing when I’m trying to find an original creator and I end up falling down a rabbit hole of like 20 different blogs 😂

    I’ve been meaning to read Red Rising FOREVER. I really have to just get to it!!!


    1. Thank you Lauren! I really hope you love Red Rising as much as I did! There is a fourth book due to debut in Jan 2018 which has gotten me really excited. I’m going to re-read everything – the whole series amazing!


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