A Month of Frighteningly Good Reads

I have big big plans for this month!

Tomorrow is finally October. The weather has become crisp and beautifully cool. The leaves are bursting into color. People have finally stopped saying asinine things like, “Lets go to the __________.” (Insert someplace outside, in the heat, with the bugs, where there is no where to read.)


October is my favorite month. I love the apples and the pumpkins and the fall clothes (hello long pants and sweaters and thank you for hiding my inability to tan so well!). I adore hot beverages and hot food. I relish in cooking again. And, no longer am I being judged because I am holed up inside in front of my window air conditioning unit reading a book. Now, I can sit inside in front of a nice fire and read my book. Totally acceptable Fall behavior.

But, I will not lie, Halloween is a big part of the reason I love October. Orange is my favorite color. I am completely and hopelessly addicted to candy. I love spooky and slightly scary things. Halloween is made for me. In fact, my almost 17 year old cat’s name is Halloween.

Here she is keeping me company while I read.  Inside my house.  All summer.  Right in front of the air conditioner.


So, for October 2017 I am running a month long daily blogging adventure. Let’s celebrate Fall and Halloween! Everyday I will be posting a Frighteningly Good Read. I have a huge line up of books and I am including fiction, non-fiction (of course), juvenile, all ages, adult and graphic novels. If you need a Frighteningly Good Read, you will be able to find one here!

If you want to join me in this blog-venture or pop in and out throughout the month, please do! Just use the #FrighteninglyGoodRead and link back here to SilverButtonBooks (please). Also, make sure and comment below and I will add your blog!

Tell me, please!

Do you love Fall? Are you into Halloween? If you do, what is your favorite part?


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