WWW Wednesday January 17, 2018

Welcome to WWW Wednesday! This meme was formerly hosted by MizB at A Daily Rhythm and revived by Sam at Taking on a World of Words. Just answer the three questions below and leave a link to your post in the comments for others to look at. You can also see what others are reading and check out many more on Sam’s site.


The Three Ws are:

What did you recently finish reading?

What are you currently reading?

What do you think you’ll read next?

Let’s get right to it!

What did I just finish reading?

Lockwood & Co. The Screaming Staircase by Jonathan Stroud and Awkward, The Science of Why We’re Socially Awkward and Why That’s Awesome by Ty Tashiro were both books I had on my list to be read from my last WWW. Lockwood is a fantastic middle grade book about kids who fight ghosts and it was terrifically scary. It was set in an alternative historical London and I loved, absolutely adored one of the characters, George. I am looking forward to reading the next in the series.

I reviewed Awkward for my latest Non-Fiction Friday. This book has really stuck with me and I keep talking to people about it and recommending it over and over again. This is what I love about non-fiction, the good ones are just epiphanies on paper.

When Dimple met Rishi by Sandhya Menon was a library e-book I borrowed in the middle of the night when spooky Lockwood kept me from sleeping. This is a sweet romance story about how differently our familial traditions can affect our perceptions of the world. I enjoyed this book for the fairly innocent romance but I will recommend it because of the delightful look at the Indian traditions.

What am I currently reading?

I have lost my mind. Seriously. I am studying like crazy and I cannot seem to find a book I don’t adore. So, I have them stashed everywhere which is why my list is a bit long right now.

I started with the best of intentions with 1066 What Fates Impose and The Watchmaker of Filigree Street because they were both on my to be read shelf and would fulfill some of my “When Are You Reading?” challenge slots. But, you want to know the problem with adult fiction? It is slow to get into. I am sure that these books will be well worth my attention but my brain is everywhere right now. So, I started listening to Fahrenheit 451 on my drives and alternating reading Every Day and WarbringerMs. Marvel is the graphic novel I read while I wait for my coffee to brew. See? I have books everywhere.

What do I think I will read next?

Let’s be honest here. Your guess is as good as mine. I need to add back more non-fiction for Non-Fiction Friday and I am relishing my graphic novels for my new Sunday Morning Cartoons so any recommendations are appreciated!

23 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday January 17, 2018

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  1. I love your sunny yellow blog! It looks clean too. Anyway, I am not reading very well lately. My eyes deceive me and I am making more mistakes yikes almighty!


  2. In terms of comics, I’d definitely recommend checking out The Sandman series by Neil Gaiman if you haven’t already. Easily one of my most favourites, and one of the most literary comic books I’ve ever read. I hear a lot of good things about Paper Girls by Brian K. Vaughn too. I’ve got all three TPBs currently released, I’ve just yet to start it (whoops). I keep meaning to pick up Ms. Marvel myself. I’m interested to hear what you think of it.

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    1. I will have to check out The Sandman series – I love Neil Gaiman. Thanks for the recommendations! I have the same problem with piles of books waiting to be read here. So far, I am loving Ms. Marvel so I will let you know how it goes. Thanks for commenting and recommending!


    1. I am excited for the movie – I saw the preview and raced out to buy the book so I could read it first. I am so glad to hear you liked it! And Rishi was such a great character. I wasn’t sure I liked Dimple at first but she won me over.


  3. I just finished reading When Dimple met Rishi too! It had a sweet and geeky romance in it but, I agree with you, the real treat was the insight into the Indian culture and its traditions.

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  4. I loved Every Day so much! I can’t wait to see the movie. I am supposed to do a buddy read of When Dimple Met Rishi in February, so I am excited to finally read it. Great post! 🙂

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  5. I see reviews for Awkward in a lot of places, and folks seem to enjoy it. The others seem so intriguing in their different ways that to me it would just depend on what I can get my hands on, at libraries or little free libraries like we have here in Woodstock NY. I am not a big buyer of new books right now and don’t read them online. I have 36475645 used books to get to though!

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  6. Awkward sounds really interesting, I’m going to add that to my wish list. I also love the sound of When Dimple Met Rishi so will look out for this book too. It made me laugh in solidarity when I saw how many books you’re currently reading… this is exactly what I do too – start a load of books that all turn out to be good and end up having them all on the go at once. Hope you continue to enjoy them and that you have a good week ahead. 🙂

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