WWW Wednesday August 8, 2018


Sam from Taking on a World of Words is back from her vacation! If you are curious about what she read for the past few weeks make sure and check out her site! If you want to participate, simply answer three questions: What are you currently reading, what did you just finish and what do you plan to read next. Or, if you are into chronology (like myself) you will go in order.

What Did I Just Finish Reading?

Ummm….not much. The upside of reading lots of books at the same time is that some weeks you finish 10 and other weeks you finish a measly little two. This week was a small finish for me with only Black Panther, The Young Prince by Ronald L. Smith and Dr. Strange Beard by Penny Reid landing in my finish pile.

What am I currently Reading?

Oh Lord. Look what I have done. I am still working through The Two Towers and I started Daughter of the Pirate King and The Last Unicorn. I have had an erratic schedule this week and that means books all over everywhere and audiobooks in between. So, I have Homey Don’t Play That running while I commute and exercise and Hans Christen Andersen’s Fairytales playing while I clean, fold laundry, etc. I lost track of The Sandman for a few days and relocated it yesterday morning so that should be finished soon. As for the rest, we shall see what the schedule allows!

What Will I Read Next?

front cover

The only book I know for certain I will be reading next is Front Cover, Great Book Jackets and Cover Design by Alan Powers. We all know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but we all do it anyway. This book goes through the history of the art that catches our eye.

Tell me, please!

What’s on your WWW list?

26 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday August 8, 2018

Add yours

    1. It happens (typically) by accident. This week I lost track of one book, put another in a super safe place that I couldn’t remember and carpooled with someone who didn’t want to listen to a book mid-story. I’m ok as long as I take a second to remember where I am in the story but I don’t get that same transported feeling I do when I am immersed in one single book. Thanks for stopping by – heading to your WWW now!


    1. I’m fairly new to audiobooks and they do take some time to adjust. A friend recommended I listen to one that I had already read to practice and that worked. After that, I was hooked. Although, I am VERY picky about the narrator. Thank YOU for stopping by here!


  1. Haha, is it too predictable to say I love the cover of Front Cover! Actually, I think you definitely can judge a book by its cover – both in a good and bad way. I do sometimes feel indie authors especially would do well to invest a bit more on the cover of their book.

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    1. Well, to be fair, one is a graphic novel, two are audiobooks (one of which is a children’s short story collection) so only three are books. It looks more impressive lumped together. Or, crazy. I certainly feel crazy this time of year! August not my favorite weather month.

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