Dewey’s Readathon October 2018

Dewey’s 24 hour Readathon was this past weekend. It happens twice a year. I was so excited to participate again this time (my second) because I learned about it far enough in advance to plan my reading and food and schedule. Ahh, the best laid plans and intentions…

From 8 a.m. until noon I was reading steadily. I started with The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco and the pace of this book was gratifyingly adventurous. In about three and a half hours I had more than half of the book read but I found that I couldn’t sit still anymore. I had consumed my maximum level of coffee and done some serious snacking and so I knew that I needed a break. I really wanted to enjoy this book and perhaps start a new one today so I had to keep going!

I tried everything but I couldn’t sit still anymore. Eventually I managed to enjoy Andre the Giant, a decent graphic novel about the larger than man that Andre was, but I couldn’t return to The Bone Witch.

As this was my second Readathon I thought I had a better handle on what to expect and how to be successful. But, as readers we are always growing and changing. And now I know that sitting down to consume a book in entirety has never really been something that I could force. After four hours I started to feel like I had a test approaching and instead of enjoying my reading time it because very stressful.

Dewey’s Readathons also provide a plethora of social media platforms in which to participate and socialize. While I loved reading through other people’s process I found trying to keep up with Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter and Instagram overwhelming.

The next Readathon is April 6, 2019. Now I know I need a variety of books to read and audiobooks to keep my momentum going. I should probably also cut back on the snacks…they caused a massive nap. Finally I plan to pick one or two social platforms instead of trying to follow along with every single one.

Read and learn I guess!

Tell me, please!

Have you participated in a readathon? What are your tips?


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  1. I participated in the readathon as well. It was my 5th time. (I’ve only made it the full 24 hours once). I too have been trying to ask other participants how they deal with all the social media tasks and mini challenges. While those are fun things to do to take a break from reading, I find that I get a lot less reading in when I get sucked into posting on so many different outlets. I posted on Facebook, Goodreads, Instagram, Twitter, Litsy, and the readathon mini-challenges’ sites. I think I would have read a good amount more if I hadn’t done all the social media tasks. I’m still looking for a good balance.

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      1. Well if sitting and reading for long periods starts to stress you out, I can understand why you have only been able to do 12 hours, which is still a good amount of reading time. Have you tried doing and audiobook walk or just listening to an audiobook while doing housework or something else?


      2. You know the worst thing about my timing this weekend? I managed to lose my library privileges! So, I could add to my audiobooks. It was liking finding out my car battery was dead. Next time I will definitely plan audiobooks to help me keep my momentum. Thanks!

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  2. Yea for readathons! 24 in 48 is one of my favs because it’s a tiny bit more realistic, reading for 24 hours out of 48. Sleep, we haz it! 😉

    Personally I ignore the mini challenges and limit my social media to Twitter and Instagram. I only tried to do the full 24 hours once – Dewey’s starts at 9 pm in my time zone which makes that really hard! It took a while to figure out what works for me, so I’m sure you’ll get it sooner rather than later. 🙂

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    1. These are fantastic suggestions. I love a good concrete planning heading into a project. I will have to look and see when the next 24 in 48 is happening. I just love any excuse to prioritize reading over everything else. The social media part is hard but it is a good idea to just pick one or two mediums. Thanks again!


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