WWW Wednesday January 2, 2019

It is the first Wednesday of the New Year! A perfect time to participate in the WWW Wednesday hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Words. Please add your links below or participate by just letting me know what you have been reading! Happy New Year!

What Did I Just Finish Reading?


Of all the challenges I made for myself for 2018, the goal of reading The Lord of the Rings Trilogy proved to be the most difficult and the most satisfying to finish. I finished the trilogy with the gripping final The Return of the King. I found it as thrilling and wonderful as the second instillation was annoying and boring. If you can make it through The Two Towers this book is the reward. My review of the trilogy is here.

What am I Currently Reading?

Last year one of my biggest mistakes was not reading several books at once, it was the erratic organization to my…um, system. I almost always read on my Kindle in night but if I don’t have something selected I read whatever I find on Kindle Unlimited. So, I am hoping a little better organization will help me not only read great books but also work through my TBR. So, at any time I will have a physical book, an electronic book, an audiobook and perhaps a nonfiction book working. All of this is in an effort to successfully complete my challenges. This week I loaded Bedlam Stacks onto my kindle (through my library app – double points!) and rented You are a Badass through the same library app (triple points!!!) as an audiobook. There is nothing like a New Year to make you feel hyper organized. Let us see how things continue around March.

What Do I Plan to Read Next?

I have a LOT on my physical TBR shelf to choose from. Oddly, I have more childrens book than anything else. So, I will probably start there! Or, I will leap right into my Harry Potter re-read and complete Potter consumption.



32 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday January 2, 2019

Add yours

    1. It is SO MUCH DESCRIPTION. Believe it or not, the second book is worse. The third book makes it all worthwhile with the action and satisfaction of seeing that damn ring go into the fire. Can’t wait to see what you are reading!

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  1. Haha, I was the other way around. I much preferred The Two Towers to The Fellowship of the Ring and The Return of the King! I love the fact that we clearly come at it from completely different angles. I thought The Return of the King was boring… 🤣😂 I do love a difference of opinion!

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    1. I could not agree more with that sentiment! I feel like lasting books like these pull different opinions from everyone instead of appealing to all the same audience. I can see why people love the second book but I was so SO happy to see some resolution in the final book. And, truthfully, there were some sections of The Return of the King that just had to be gotten through. Hah!

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      1. Oooh, I love “Messy” because it helped me let go of some of my uber type A personality issues. Also, I am reading Atomic Habits and so far it feels like the perfect way to help me achieve my new goals.


  2. That’s interesting what you say about Return of the King, as I did not make it through the Two Towers… though I barely made it through Fellowship, too, so I feel like it’s more a case of Tolkien not being for me.

    Here’s my WWW for this week.

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  3. YES! Let’s experience Harry Potter again just for the fun of it. I think I will make notes and then use them to quiz my grandchildren. Happy New Year!

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