Books Books Everywhere and Still I Didn’t Read.

I’m weathering a bit of a storm in my life. Nothing terrible, there just seems to be a constant stream of bad news in my neck of the woods. When the emotional winds started to pick up and toss me around I did what I always do – I bought books. I tried not to (I swear!) but I had already requested as many as I could from the library and Netgalley. Still, there were some I wanted to read that the library didn’t own. I ask you, what am I supposed to do? Just not ever read that book? I had to buy them. Ahem.

Suddenly, I found myself sitting surrounded by piles of books. But, I didn’t read anything. For a solid week, I didn’t even look at books. That is not good. That is not me. I don’t like me when I’m not reading. Mind you, this wasn’t a slump so much as an, “oops I forgot to eat for a week” aberration in my behavior. Not reading was making me sadder and I hadn’t noticed.

Last night I confessed my week of non-reading to my best friend in the whole world. And saying it aloud made me realize I needed to read. And really, this is a non-problem. This is like complaining about having too many things in your refrigerator. I have books just waiting to keep me company and transport me away. I just needed to pick one and get going.

So, I started reading I Owe You One by Sophie Kinsella last night. And I felt almost instantly better. When I woke up (far too early this morning) there was my book on my bedside table ready to keep me company over a cup of coffee.

Books are friends. So, I am sorry to my book friends and to my bookish friends for falling into a hole last week. I see the way out now!

Tell me, please!

Have you ever experienced this before? What did you do to pull yourself out?


16 thoughts on “Books Books Everywhere and Still I Didn’t Read.

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    1. I felt the same this time! I was using a LOT of television to keep my brain occupied but I think out was just stressing me out even more. You’re right though – too much reading can do the same. Thanks for the kind thoughts!


  1. I’m sorry to hear it’s been a tough time for you recently, I hope it’s all past you very soon! I’ve been in the same position before, when I’m stressed out or preoccupied with something it can be hard to focus on reading. Glad you’re finding your way back though. When I read fiction I read a few of Sophie Kinsella’s and they were so much fun and distracting, sounds like exactly what you need at the moment! 🙂

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  2. I love the excuse ‘I just HAD to buy them’ I always try that one as well haah 🙂
    I hope you will feel better now that you’re reading again 🙂


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  3. I’ve been restless and stressed lately. I had to force myself to read which is rarely a problem. I just wasn’t feeling hot and occasionally a day or two without doing much of anything at all clicks things back in place. I had deadlines to meat with reviews tho :/

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