WWW Wednesday: April 3, 2019

When I was in my reading funk Wednesdays made me so sad because I knew I should be posting but I didn’t have anything to write about or organize. Today I feel great and I am so happy to say – it’s Wednesday!!! Time for WWW Wednesday. Thanks, as always, goes to Sam at Taking on a World of Words for hosting and to all the participants who help me add to my endless TBR every week with their wonderful posts.

What Did I Just Finish Reading?

This week I finished One Day in December by Josie Silver. This is one of the books I bought when I was sad and, while I enjoyed it, I had a couple of problems with the ridiculousness of the love story. Girl sees boy and instantly falls in love. Later, her best friend brings him home and presents him as her own true love. Ten years of missed opportunities follow. There was an excellent friend component and some deep feelings there but the romance itself missed for me. While I enjoyed the book I didn’t love it enough to recommend it.

As a white Catholic American I am clueless about many of the issues around the world. I don’t mean to be but American news is very American-centric. I try to consume world news but sometimes I don’t have the backstory to help me understand. Enter Against Our Better Judgment by Alison Weir. I have a decent grasp on what is happening regarding the Gaza Strip from the Israeli point of view but I have never been able to access the Palestinian perspective. A friend gave me Against Our Better Judgment to read and it was interesting. It was incredibly short, written like a college paper, and certain sections felt very conspiracy theorist but its reference section was twice as long as the book and it made some credible (if not at all popular) points. I want to continue to look into this until I can figure out more precisely the nuances of what has happened and continues to happen over the land many consider to be holy.

I finished Truly Devious by Maureen Johnson in audiobook form and I loved it all the way to the end and then I was livid! Did everyone know this was a cliffhanger ending except me?!? I didn’t even realize it was a series until it just clicked off. It was still an excellent murder mystery and a review will be posted soon.

Finally, I finished The Field Guide to the North American Teenager by Ben Phillippe this morning. I have been obsessed with Canada for years now and I really enjoyed reading the fish out of water experience of Norris moving from Montreal to Texas. A review will be up shortly for this book as well!

What am I Currently Reading?

I need to clear the decks on my currently reading. The Wonderling was….misplaced in the house (this is clearly code for I forgot I was reading it) and I need to get back into and through this cute story. I am three fourths of the way through Good Omens and I will probably finish it this evening. Whatever good and awesome things you have heard about this book probably fall short. It is a must read.

The three remaining books are all ARCs from Netgalley that I requested when I was not reading and then just let sit on my shelf. This is not ok! I need to read them and review them like a good little blogger.

What Will I Read Next?


I took stock of my reading with my first quarter update and realized that I wasn’t making equal progress with my goals – especially with getting through my massive physical TBR. So, I did something I’ve never done before and made an actual list to work off of. I am also participating in the O.W.L. Readathon and so I made a list for that as well that is completely from my own bookshelves. So, the only book I know for sure I will be cracking into after I clear my currently reading is Hamlet. I have never read it and it will fulfill my History of Magic O.W.L. as a book that was published more than 10 years ago.



Tell me, please!

What’s on your WWW list?


11 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday: April 3, 2019

Add yours

    1. I’m extra furious because I didn’t know it would be a cliffhanger!!! One Day was sweet and I would encourage people to read it but when I tried to review it my writing made it seem like I hated it and it was a cute story.

      I cain’t wait to see your post!


  1. Haha, I loved Truly Devious and was also livid when I came to the cliffhanger. Luckily my library had the second book ready for me so I finished both in one day. Here’s a warning: The cliffhanger at the end of the second book is just as bad or even worse than the first. And book three comes out NEXT year. I didn’t know there was a third book and I was so upset 😂 At least you know before you start it!

    My WWW


  2. Haha, I was actually a bit annoyed with the cliffhanger for Truly Devious, though that might be because I had accidentally spoil myself for that particular tidbit so it didn’t feel like big revelation? I was expecting it to be something to do with the murders or the kidnapping case.

    I need to try Good Omens again – I started it years and years ago but I just wasn’t into it. I think it would probably do more for me now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m still giving Truly Devious the side-eye for the same reason. It wasn’t a cliffhanger so much as an “to be continued next week” kind of feeling.

      Good Omens is so weird I can see where you struggled. I would have hated it ten years ago!


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