WWW Wednesday: May 8, 2019

Welcome to WWW Wednesday! This meme was formerly hosted by MizB at A Daily Rhythm and is now hosted by Taking on a World of Words. Just answer the three questions below and leave a link to your post in the comments for others to admire. Then, take some time (or, if you are me, all of your spare time on Wednesday) to check out everyone else’s list. Let’s begin!

What Did You Just Finish Reading?

Well, I’ve been home sick for the past three days and up a lot in the night so I have gotten a lot of reading done in the past week. This is why I have an unusually large “just finished” pile. This is also why I have so few reviews in the past week – reading is comforting but I am not sure about my editing abilities with this virus still pumping through my system.

I finally finished The Wonderling by Mira Bartok and it was such a sweet story. I just loved the whole world the author created with hybrids called groundings. The main character, a one eared fox called Arthur, and his best friend Trinket are orphans. Trinket is just so full of positivity and hope and watching her give the gift of hope to Arthur was absolute perfection. The slight tinge of magic that covered the whole world is just a bonus. I loved this book and I’m only sorry it languished on my bedside table for so long.  I can’t wait to feel better and review it.

I also finished listening to / reading Magnus Chase and the Ship of the Dead by Rick Riordan. I’m a huge fan of this series because Riordan does such a good job with diversity representation without sacrificing the action. A full series review is coming soon!

I finished A View to a Kilt by Wendy Holden and it was a nice light diversion. Holden’s books always have fantastic casts of characters and this group didn’t disappoint. I hated the romance but it was such a small part of the story that it was easy to overlook. However, I wonder if I would be so forgiving if I wasn’t already a dedicated fan of the author…

My library came through for me in full force this week and I picked up a bunch of graphic novels and books to keep me company. I checked out and finished What If Its Us by Becky Albertini and Adam Silvera very quickly. I was reluctant to read this because I love Becky Albertini but I was concerned that writing with a partner would make it, I don’t know, less Becky somehow. I was so wrong! It was excellent. I don’t know much about Adam Silvera but I am intrigued now. If anyone has any recommendations – let me know!

As for the graphic novels, Likely Stories by Neil Gaiman was too violent and dark for me but Sweet Tooth by Jeff Lamare was weird and intriguing. I have only read volume one but I can hardly wait to get my hands on the next books. I have to know what is going on in this story!!

What am I Currently Reading?

I am quickly working my way through Hamlet. I am in Act Four and I am trying to finish it before the weekend. I want to have plenty of time to tuck deeply into The Color of Magic by Terry Pratchett. It is the first of his Discworld books. I thought that Pratchett might be too weird for me but after reading Good Omens I think he might be just the right kind of weird. I am only a few chapters in and I am really enjoying it.

What Will I Read Next?

I have finally received my pre-ordered copy of The Bride Test by Helen Hoang. I am sure this contemporary romance will help balance out my library picks – The President is Missing, The Power, and One of Us is Lying. It is interesting the books I pick out when I am sick versus the ones I buy when I feel healthy isn’t it? I’ll need to add back more nonfiction and an audiobook to my stack this week – again, if you have a recommendation please let me know!

Tell me, please!

What’s on your WWW?



34 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday: May 8, 2019

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  1. Wow some great books now on my radar!!
    And wow, the colour of magic is a odd book amongst Pratchett fans, my feeling (as someone whose read pretty much everything except Shepherdess’ Crown because it will break me) it’s one you must read but Pratchett really hits his stride and unique brand of humour a few books later, if you can see the brilliance in this, oh my you have a world of wonder to move into!!

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  2. Sorry to hear that you were sick. I’ve been pounding Emergen-C like crazy trying not to get sick. Hope the reads were enjoyable and helped you cope with the being sick. I love your upcoming reads. I’ve read the Bill Clinton/James Patterson one already but the others are on my TBR as well.

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    1. My Mom actually recommended The President is Missing and she has excellent taste.

      I need to up my vitamin C! I had totally forgotten to take it for weeks now. It is the illusion of Spring. When you are around kids as much as I am you’re just playing the Russian Roulette of sickness.

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  3. Aww I loved The Wonderling too – such a sweet story, and a beautiful book too! And I also really enjoyed What If It’s Us! Adam Silvera’s books are quite different from Becky’s, I’d say – most of them are very emotionally devastating!!, compared with the upbeat nature of hers. But I would highly recommend More Happy Than Not! You will need tissues, but it is an excellent book! xxx

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    1. I can do a little sad or purposefully sad but I can’t do tear-your-heart-out agony. You know what I mean? Like Nicholas Sparks – he wants you to cry until you can’t breath! How mean…

      Thanks for explaining the difference to me. I’ll check out More Happy Than Not!

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      1. haha oh yes I know exactly what you mean!! I haven’t read that many Nicholas Sparks books, but every single one has made me cry! Hmm well I am pretty sure More Happy Than Not DID tear my heart out… so perhaps you don’t want to check it out haha. But it is a very powerful book! xxx

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  4. I’m glad you’re enjoying The Colour of Magic. I’ve been planning to go back and re-read Discworld for ages and will do it in order and start here when I do, though it’s one of my least favourites. I’ve sort of started sideways and am reading the Tiffany Aching books at the moment, which are Discworld books but MG ones. I’m on book 2,A Hat Full of Sky, and loving them!

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  5. I hope you feel better soon!
    It always feels good when you can finish a loot in a week 🙂 I hope you will enjoy one of us is lying!
    I’m currently reading Truthwitch and am listening to firestarter! After that I will move onto Nevermoor 🙂


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    1. I just started it this morning (as an audiobook) and it is pretty gripping. I needed a good action novel and this feels like it might be a winner! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.


  6. I’m sort of jealous of your home-sickness. Which is a really weird thing to be jealous of, but you know, it sounds kind of awesome. I mean, except the whole being sick thing. But you were able to read so many books! xD Clearly, I have priorities.

    I actually bought my daughter the Magnus Chase books for Christmas, and I’m planning on stealing them from her soon to read them, as they sound great (and I’m so partial to the Norse gods). Glad to hear you enjoyed them! I’m looking forward to picking them up.

    Terry Pratchett! I’m always excited when I see people reading Pratchett. Also, guilty, because it reminds me how many Discworld books I have to get through and that I should get back to that, because they’re so great.

    The Power is on my TBR, but I’ve heard mixed reviews about it. I’m looking forward to seeing what you think when you finish it. 🙂


    1. I understand your jealousy – believe me! A forced rest would have been more comfortable if I didn’t have workers in the house repairing a major flood. I got so much reading done because they wouldn’t let me rest! Hah! Either way, thank goodness for books right?

      Magus Chase is a winner for me. I hope to have the series review up today!

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  7. Yay! I’m so glad you loved What if it’s us! It’s such a cute book! Also I loved the first Magnus Chase book but I never picked up book 2 even if it on my shelf ready to be read. One day I’ll get there.

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  8. That’s awesome that you read so many books! I still need to read Ship of the Dead. I really love the series so far. I loved What If It’s Us so much. Adam Silvera writes so many amazing books. I really love his book More Happy Than Not. Good luck with your upcoming reads! One of Us Is Lying is amazing.

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  9. I have been wanting to read Discworld for ages, ever since reading Good Omens, but just haven’t had a chance. I bought the first book a while back, and I think I even started it, but then soon abandoned it because life got in the way. Hope you enjoy it! Maybe I’ll get back to it one day!

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  10. I hope you’re feeling much better! I agree that it’s always interesting the kind of reading we crave when we’re sick (or stressed or sad even) versus our normal reading. The Power has been on my TBR for ages. I hope you enjoy it!

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