NonFiction November: Week 3

It is already time for Week Three of NonFiction November! This week we are the experts and it is hosted by Katie @ Doing Dewey. Participation is easy. Just name three books on a subject you are / want to become an expert on or name a subject you are interested in and books that fit into that area. I’ve done a little of both for this prompt.

At the beginning of the year I really wanted to become an expert on Sherlock Holmes / Arthur Conan Doyle. I started by reading Conan Doyle for the Win and it was such an excellent book that I thought: if Sherlock is so interesting, Conan Doyle must be fascinating. What’s wrong with me!? This is like loving a character and believing that the actor who plays them must have all the same fun characteristics. After trying to read three or four different biographies I gave up. Arthur Conan Doyle bored me to tears.

But, I still wanted to focus on something this year and so I turned to an interest of mine from years ago: Palmistry.

palmistry3I bought Palmistry by Lori Reid in the bargain section of Barnes and Noble years ago. Like 15-20 years ago. It is one of those introductory books that has wonderful pictures and makes learning the basic ins and outs of a subject effortless. It wasn’t long before I was reading all of my friend’s palms at parties. To date, this is the only book that I know I have read cover to cover on the subject.





The Complete Illustrated Guide to Palmistry by Peter West was the second book I picked up on the subject. I think I was getting worried that using my $10 bargain book to read palms wasn’t enough information to give people free palm readings (type A much?). This book was very similar to my first book but with more famous people’s hands included. I have probably read this whole book but in the section by section way I find myself doing things sometimes when I’m giving a subject my total focus.



I received these two books as presents this year and I have yet to crack into them. I have been too enthralled with this book:


The Art and Science of Hand Reading is huge but this textbook is the one I am determined to finish before the end of 2019. Also, I feel like if I can make it through this book I can zip through the much smaller and more picture-rich texts quickly.

As I work through this book I am obnoxious in my head, especially on public transportation, at looking at people’s hands and trying to figure them out. Since winter has started, my ability to stare at hands has been lost to mittens and gloves but I’ll keep reading and practicing on my friends until the flowers, and the palms, come back to me in the spring!

Tell me, please!

What subject do you want to be an expert in?



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