WWW Wednesday: October 21, 2020

It is that time again! WWW Wednesday is the meme that brings me back to writing and reviewing if only so that I can avoid admitting that I haven’t been writing. I literally posted a review two minutes ago to thwart this problem and so I thank Sam @ Taking On a World of Words for hosting this and keeping me (relatively honest), reading, and reviewing.

The Three W’s Are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?


I am half way through Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion and loving it. Is Zom-Rom a sub-category of romance? Well, either way, this is working for me. It is similar in many ways to the movie but just different enough and with more depth to keep me interested.

I am in the middle of The Knight’s Tale with Canterbury Tales. That means I have only read the introduction, so….slowly going here. It is not difficult reading and I am using the tips that worked well for me in reading Dickens to slowly and purposefully consume this book.

The third Enola Holmes landed in my inbox this morning as a e-book from the library and I am thrilled. I just cannot get enough of this series.

I am nearly finished with Witches. There is no excuse for me taking this long to read this middle grade non fiction book about the Salem Witch trial but I found myself….distracted. I am determined to finish it this week.

Finally, I am 50% of the way through the very short and lovely audio version of The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde. I switched over to audio on this book and restarted the story. Why? Who knows! It is only an hour long and I wanted to experience the whole thing in one format….or, I lost my place. Either way, I will finish it today (maybe).


I finished Winterhouse by Ben Guterson and enjoyed it. The full review is here. It is a sweet mystery / supernatural middle grade story with loads of puzzles. I had a few reservations about the story but not enough to keep me from continuing the series.

Insomnia was back in spades this week and I tore through Enola Holmes and The Case of the Left-Handed Lady by Nancy Springer. I am borrowing these books from the library but, honestly, the whole series is going on my Christmas list. The historical feminism is simply delightful!

I also downloaded and quickly read I Promise You by Ilsa Madden-Mills but it was not amazing. I wanted her to give me more depth for both the characters (like she did in I Dare You). Still, I hesitate to say love / hate because, while it didn’t capture my romantic heart, it did keep me company through a long night.


Obviously, who knows? This is just some of the stack of titles I wanted to read this month. Dewey’s Readathon is this weekend and I am going to hunker down and read as much as I want to!

Tell me, please! What’s on your WWW?

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