WWW Wednesday: July 7, 2021

Woohoo!! I managed to post one review this week! I was absolutely terrible about going around and peeking at everyone’s posts but that will be my main goal this week.

Thanks, as always to Sam @ Taking on a World of Words and this wonderful WWW post to keep me semi-organized. If you want to join me, just answer the three questions below about how your reading is going this week and leave a link to your post in the comments for others to admire. Don’t forgt to check all the other participants. It is the #1 way I keep my TBR overflowing!


I was stuck yesterday without my Cinders book and so I started Fifty Inventions The Shaped the Modern Economy. I love everything I have read by Tim Hardford and, only a few inventions in, this book does not disappoint. These aren’t the inventions I would have suspected (hello barbed wire) and I am loving it.

I only have about 40 pages left in Cinders & Sparrows and so I hope to finish it over lunch and (maybe) post a review!

My audiobook this week is Breath by James Nestor. I am fascinated by this book but, I warn you, if you think you are consistently breathing through your nose, this audiobook will make you acutely aware of how often you don’t. Holy moly! I am already half way through and enjoying it, but I hope he adds more practical tips or suggestions on how to learn to breath properly ourselves soon.


I finished listening to Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell. This is an interesting read and while I didn’t agree with many of the authors theories, they did spark a tremendous amount of thought and conversation on my end. My full review is here.

I also read the graphic novel, The Comic Book Guide to Growing Food. I have a glass cabinet from IKEA that I nearly didn’t bring when I moved but I decided to turn it into an indoor greenhouse. This was my first book into figuring that whole thing out. This book was an easy read and shockingly stuffed with practical information. I cannot wait to get started!

Meanwhile, Mend it, Wear it, Love it managed to make me feel badly about buying clothing and also quite sure that this is not my style of conservation. I will happily not purchase cheap tee-shirts and wear the same thing again and again but, no, no I will not wander around with some of these visible mends. Nothing wrong with it! It just isn’t my style.


I have no idea! I am nearly half way through the year of Joyful reading and loving not making plans!

Tell me, please! What’s on your WWW?


8 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday: July 7, 2021

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  1. I’m with you on Talking to Strangers – interesting but I didn’t agree with a lot of his theories. It felt very cherry picked to me, and sometimes even offensive.

    Breath sounds so interesting! I read another of that author’s books last year (I think it’s the same one) about the world of free diving. It was excellent!

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    1. Sometimes extremely offensive right? Like, so bad in parts that I almost didn’t post on it. But, it sparked such a conversation process for me.

      Breath is killing me! He does cover free diving so I am sure you are right. Between making me acutely aware of how little I breath and the anecdotes. I want to hear the science!

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      1. I’m glad it could spark a conversation process! But yeah, extremely offensive is right. I can’t believe the Sandusky and Brock Turner stories were even in it. Like how was that allowed to be printed?!

        You’re making me curious about breathe now, I think I need to add that one to the list!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh boo. That’s disappointing. Deep was really well researched, I wonder why that was lacking in this one. I’ll keep an eye out if I come across anything that might sound better for you!

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