Potkin and Stubbs by Sophie Green

This middle grade supernatural mystery kept reminding me of something until I finally realized, I’d already read it! An accidental re-read was just as much fun and a good reminder of why I keep track of my books now.


In the corrupt metropolis of Peligan City, Lil Potkin, a determined young reporter, is on the lookout for a scoop. One rainy night she meets Nedly, the ghost of a boy that no one else can see. Nedly has been looking for someone to believe in him ever since the investigation into his disappearance went cold. When they discover that his death is connected to a series of mysterious murders, Lil and Nedly set out to expose those responsible, with the help of a down-on-his luck private investigator, who might hold a clue to Lil’s hidden past.

Atmospheric, spooky, warm at heart, POTKIN AND STUBBS is the first in a hardboiled detective trilogy for readers aged 9+. from Goodreads.

An illustrated green-tinged girl and boy stand in front of a city scene with an elevated train in the background.


For the first 75% of this book I was, honestly, a little upset. I was all, “this author has totally ripped this story off from somewhere,” because I everything was so familiar. Well, shame on me! I realized with only a few dozen pages remaining the I had already read it. I think I picked it up during the great insomnia of 2019 and forgot to record that I read it. I was so mad that she had stolen such a great book – when it was her own!

Even with my mounting frustration at the possibility of plagiarism, I still loved Lil. She’s the middle grade noir investigative journalist and I was loving all of it. The fact that she was trying to have a signature rain jacket reminded me of all the things I picked up as a kid from movies and television that I, 100%, thought I could manifest in my own life.

This is the first book in a series which already has three other books out and, like many first books, it is a lot of set up and foreshadowing. We meet all the major players and the author gives us a peek into Pelican City in all its Gotham-like glory. Like most middle grade books, Lil is on her own in life because her single Mom works all the time. The twist? There is no high school since the political machine of the city didn’t want people to become to well educated. This certainly frees Lil up to wander around the city at all hours of the day and night, unsupervised, with just her own curiosity driving her.

I mentally apologized to the author for all my bad thoughts and have already ordered the next two books. I can hardly wait to see what is next in store for Lil and Nedly!

This book fulfills my Orilium 5 Star prediction. Even though I didn’t remember reading it before I knew that the cover was wrapped around a fantastic story!

Tell me, please! Have you ever re-read a book accidentally?


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