Hooky by Míriam Bonastre Tur

Oh my goodness, this graphic novel has stolen my heart! Someone please give me more of these charcters.


Two twins, one prophecy, and a whole lot of hijinks. From WEBTOON, the #1 digital comic platform, comes a fantastical story about twin siblings Dani and Dorian who have missed the bus to magic school and scramble to find a mentor  to teach them before their parents find out. Perfect for fans of THE OKAY WITCH and the 5 Worlds series. 

When Dani and Dorian missed the bus to magic school, they never thought they’d wind up declared traitors to their own kind! Now, thanks to a series of mishaps, they are being chased by powerful magic families seeking the prophesied King of Witches and royals searching for missing princes.

But they aren’t alone. With a local troublemaker, a princess, and a teacher who can see the future on their side, they might just be able to clear their names…but can they heal their torn kingdom?

Based on the beloved webcomic from WEBTOON, Hooky is in stunning print format for the first time with exclusive new content sure to please fans new and old. from Goodreads.


Oh my heart. I loved this book so much. I would like some more of Dani and Damian now…please?

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know about this comic before picking up the book. More importantly, I didn’t know about the WebToon website. Holy moly! If you, like me, are behind on the gifts of the internet, check it out here. There are some wonderful stories just waiting for us.

This story begins with Dani and her twin brother Damian missing the bus to magical school. Then they do what all other magical children have done before them, go directly back home for some solid adult assistance. Hah! Obviously not! They try to figure the whole situation out themselves.

Jumping from one place, making friends and enemies along the way, the next the twins hear whispers of warnings, including something about a prophecy. Overarching themes of good vs evil and what it means to be a “witch” are woven through the delightful day-in and day-out happenings of the twins. And this author touches on some truly deep issues without leaving the adorableness behind.

Sigh. I really loved this whole story. The ending is super abrupt though and I was left feeling like I put my hands on book 1 of 2. But I can’t find that there is more to this story anywhere! If you have any details on the continuation of this story, please let me know.

Tell me, please! What wonderful internet delight have you recently discovered?


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