WWW Wednesday: November 16, 2022

Thanks, as always, goes to Sam @ Taking on a World of Words for hosting the weekly meme that keeps my TBR under some semblance of control and keeping the blog schedule organized.

If you want to participate in WWW, feel free! The more the merrier (and the bigger my TBR becomes). All you have to do is answer the Three W’s:

  • What did you recently finish?
  • What are you currently reading?
  • And, what do you think you’ll read next?


War and Peace continues. I am nearly to page 1000 and starting to worry about how few pages are left.

Still working on Moby Dick. Sigh. How people can slam War and Peace and rave about this is a struggle for me right now.

I am at the beginning of three different YA books that are nominated for a Cybils. I haven’t gotten into them quite enough to say whether I love them or not but they are all very different.

Finally, I have just started A Disability History of the United States. This book is another in the ReVisioning American History series.


Sigh. I finished all three of these books but none of them really captured my attention. When this happens, you’ve got to wonder if it is you and not the books don’t you? Maybe I will put the YA aside for a few days and finally pick up Kate Moore’s book.

It is NonFiction November! I know I need to keep reading my Cybils Recommendations but I think this is the best reading month of the year. If you haven’t been popping around to see what people are reading, check out Kate @ Doing Dewey, Rennie @ What’s NonFiction?, and Christopher @ Plucked from the Stacks. These are the three hosts for the weekly posts so far. Two more wonderful weeks of nonfiction November remain!

Tell me, please. What’s on your WWW list?


6 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday: November 16, 2022

Add yours

  1. A great list of books there!

    I know what you mean when you read a couple of books and they are just meh. I do think that is does depend on your mood at the time. I wonder if I read Book Lovers at a different time whether I would feel differently about it – I thought it was good, but there were other books that were better.

    Have a great week!

    Emily @ Budget Tales Book Blog
    My post:

    WWW Wednesday – Currently Reading, Finished Reading, Reading Next

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  2. What kind of superwoman takes on War and Peace AND Moby Dick at the same time?! Sorry that the latter is disappointing you, it sounds like…but good that you’re giving it a try, I’m not sure I could ever manage to tackle that one. I did however love the nonfiction In the Heart of the Sea – definitely one of the best narrative nonfictions I’ve ever read. It was about the real whaling expedition that inspired Melville to write Moby Dick. The whaling info really bummed me out, but the rest of it was so excellent, and really interesting to mee maybe because I knew next to nothing about it. You might give that a try if your interest is flagging!

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    1. I am going to take that compliment and hold it next to my heart! I have got to add Heart of the Sea to my TBR. Moby Dick is not bad at all. Here is the problem: people have been slamming War and Peace with no specifics while others praise Moby Dick, likewise with no specifics. That makes War and Peace the underdog and I feel like I should root for it. I need to dial it down with Moby Dick – really, it is quite good I am just tired of the hype. Does that make sense?

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      1. I really mean it – I’m so impressed!

        And it completely makes sense. They both sounds like those situations where something has just been accepted opinion for so long that no one bothers with justifying reasons. But that makes it really interesting to hear your perspectives on it, actually! I’m glad that War and Peace surprised you in that way too.

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