WWW Wednesday: December 21, 2022

Thanks, as always, goes to Sam @ Taking on a World of Words for hosting the weekly meme that reminds me that it is okay to have a plan when reading. And the joy I feel when I can report that a book was finished feels even better on a Wednesday.

If you want to participate in WWW, feel free! The more the merrier (and the bigger my TBR becomes). All you have to do is answer the Three W’s:

  • What did you recently finish?
  • What are you currently reading?
  • And, what do you think you’ll read next?


I actually finished War and Peace. But, I can’t bring myself to read the epilogue and officially close the book. This means I do have some pages left and I am enjoying knowing that it isn’t over yet.

I am more than 80% into Skeleton Paints a Picture. What a fun book! The main character has a real skeleton that is, somehow alive, and they solve murders together. This is the fourth book in the series and I want to go back and pick up earlier books.

I also just picked up The Divorce Colony today as an adiobook. I cannot wait to dive in!

Finally, A Disability History of the United States in still missing in my house. If it is still missing next week, I will have to move it back to the TBR pile.


Well, it is done. What an absolute steaming poo of a book. This is the Malort of Classic literature.

I picked up this book because, years ago, I went to a meeting where hundreds of people professed to have read and loved the story. Not one person identified that they didn’t love it. I though, this must be am amazing book!

Let me say this, there are a few reasons I could recommend this book. First, if you are curious about the early days of whaling, you might enjoy the book. Nearly 100 chapters are about whaling or whale anatomy. There is a whole chapter about the whale penis. However, this would not be a good book for those interested in environmental preservation. Second, if you are studying American history and you are trying to get into the mind of a person of the time, this book will educate you on the many derogatory terms used for people and the social and moral values of the day. Finally, if you just want to read it so that you can say you read it, go for it.

Melville’s story is bizarre. He hooks you with a cute story of Ishmael meeting Queequeg and for, roughly, 25 chapters the story moves along. And then, like doldrums, the merciless litany of whale-related chapters continues with little snippets of the Pequot to relieve the tedium. Melville’s vocabulary is impressive but he uses the word “leviathan” nearly every page. The final chapters have, comparatively, some action. And then you are so relieved you are done. I think this book creates Stockholm syndrome in people.

I am back to not being sure! I read through all my remaining Cybils books. I think I will pick up a new nonfiction next.

Tell me, please! What’s on your WWW list?


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