Spring Cleaning Book Tag

The first time I saw a the term “Tag” I erroneously thought the author was referring to a search word for a book. For example, “I want a book about England in the 1800’s and includes a nice battle scene.” My inner librarian / reference addict would then type (1) England, (2) 1800’s, (3) battle into the search box. But this is so much better! Tags are more like little threads and people can be “tagged” (like the game) or can voluntarily enter. So, the tag takes on a life of its own and becomes a delightful little conversation taking place in many different sites.

I found this tag over on the delightful Thrice Read and it really resonated with me, especially since I am still purging after reading The Complete Book of CleanSo, here I go with my first ever tag.

A little side note: this Tag becomes tricky for me because I do not bother with negative reviews. But, I am going to make it work.

(1) The Struggle of Getting Started: a book or series that you have struggled to begin because of its size.


This is a hunk of a book (pun totally intended) and I really wanted to read it but, to be honest, it hurt my puny little wrists to hold. I kept borrowing but not diving into it. I finally downloaded it on my e-reader and I have never looked back. Now, I am a huge fan and my puny wrists are safe and sound.




(2) Cleaning Out the Closet: a book or series that you want to offload.


I will only part with this book because I have two copies. I saw this copy in a little free library and I took it in a panic. I don’t know what I thought was going to happen to it but it is safe now. Anyone want it?





(3) Opening the Window and Letting in Some Fresh Air: a book that was refreshing


There are so many books out there that are written from the perspective of a child intended for children to read that are rife with peril. It is exhausting. It is almost like, as adults, we have forgotten how hard it is to be a kid and so we add things like death, divorce and large scale crisis to all the books (and movies) intended for this aged audience. Since I tutor and interact with students in elementary school I am always on the look out for books that are really about kid things.  Gertie’s Leap to Greatness hits the nail right on the head. Even though it includes parental abandonment (no spoiler – it’s right on the dust jacket) Gertie is more concerned with new kids at school, teacher favoritism and trying to be the best 5th grader ever. It was so refreshing.

(4) Washing Out Stained Sheets: a book where you wish you could re-write a certain scene 


Mmmhhhmmm.  We all know why I put this here.

(5) Throwing Out Unnecessary Knick-Knacks: a book in a series you didn’t feel was necessary


This book is as superbly written and enjoyable as anything else I have read by Dave Duncan. And, I can see how it is connected to the rest of the Chronicles’ of the King’s Blades series but it is so very different it almost felt like it should be on its own. Or there should be more books written that are similar to this story.  Hint, hint Mr. Duncan.




(6) Polishing the Doorknobs: a book that had a clean finish.


Hug it, kiss it and love it forever. Echo is the book that you recommend. Then, when your friend is halfway though, they give you the side-eye and frown. You can tell they are wondering, “Why would you give me this?!?” With your encouragement they read until the end and join you in the bliss that is this book. You can read my more complete (spoiler-free, of course) review here.



(7) Reaching to Dust the Ceiling Fan: a book that tried to hard to relay a certain message

These were good books but the theme was a little over done – you do not have to have external beauty to validate your existence.  They have compelling characters and a building storyline but this is the only series I could think of that fits into this question.

(8) The Tiring but Satisfying Finish of Spring Cleaning: the book or series that was hard to get through but completely worth it.

Darn, I should have kept Outlander for here!  Ah well, here is my other pick.

Zero complaints here. These books were amazing. For me, the most difficult thing was that I became a fan when the first book was published. By the time the second book came out, I had to go back and catch myself up on the who, what, when, where and why. Repeat for the third book. It was totally and completely worth it. These books are amazing.

And there it is, my first tag! Thanks again to Thrice Read for inspiring me and putting out a general tag to be shared. For anyone that has yet to do some Spring Cleaning – tag, you are it!


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  1. Did you read the whole series of Outlander? I saw that book and yes, it’s so thick! I haven’t ventured into it yet but I have seen a lot of compliments. If you are looking for another tag to do, check out The High School Book tag on my blog 🙂 Otherwise, I will do that tag again next month and tag you then if you preferred 🙂

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  2. If you still have an extra copy of the Tina Fey book, I would love to have it. I promise to pass it on via my free library in front of my house.


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