The Age of Legends Trilogy by Kelley Armstrong

Kelley Armstrong is a prolific writer and I was excited to experience her take on the young adult subgenera of the supernatural.  The Age of Legends trilogy tells the story of twin sisters Moria and Ashyn who are the Keeper and the Seeker of their village.  This trilogy was packed with an adventurous and constantly developing story and full of wonderful characters.  All three books are completely enjoyable!

In the first book, Sea of Shadows, we are introduced to Moria and Ashyn and their small village on the outskirts of their empire.  Ashyn the Seeker is tasked with quieting the lost and angered souls of the damned.  If peace cannot be found Moria, the Keeper, is ready to battle the souls into the second world. But the souls will not be quiet and tragedy ensues. At the opening of the story, Moria and Ashyn are entering their first year of performing their goddess-designated tasks without supervision.

The girls are great characters. While they are physically identical twins their personalities are as different as any sibling and their reactions to their changing world are unique. The story took me a little bit to become truly absorbed but it was worth the slow build when everything, as it seems to in books of this nature, came apart.

Furthermore, the supporting cast of characters are wonderful. Some make it through the book and some do not and since this is a never-ever-spoil website I will not name the characters I really enjoyed because some do not survive.  Suffice to say, these are well written characters who are enjoyable to follow through the story.

I did not think the second book, Empire of the Night, would be quite as fast paced or character driven as the first book. I was so wrong! The second book allows us to see the girls as they continue to thwart evil and we meet many new characters that help keep the second book interesting and engrossing.

I was so taken with the developing story in this series that I could not wait, nor could I figure out, how the series would end.  Book Three, Forest of Ruin, absolutely does not disappoint!  Right until the final page I was fully invested.

It is always difficult to review a whole trilogy without any spoilers. You want to really explain what made it a great story that needed three books to finish. But, unless I want to spoil it for you all (never!) I can’t really give details. All I can say is that this trilogy was engrossing and enjoyable through all three books. Check it out and enjoy The Age of Legends Trilogy!

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  1. I really wish my library had late night hours. These sound amazing. Thank you so much for helping my find books I will love.


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