Frightening Good Reads 2019

Happy first day of Fall!!! The weather is exactly two degrees cooler in my neck of the woods and I am already gazing longingly at my fall wardrobe. The only thing I love more than cozying up to read in cooler weather is making my plans for this year’s Frightening Good Reads!

Every year since I have started blogging I have spent the month of October focused on spooky, scary, and Halloween-themed books. This year, all are welcome to join in the spooky fun! This is probably the most low-key endeavor in the history of blogging but I am just really working toward the goal of socializing and, of course, finding more spooky books to read.

So: here is how it works. Ready?

Just post a blog, comment below, tweet, or instagram your intention to join in the fun and pingback to this year’s post.

If you share updates on social media, I’ll be using #frighteninglygoodreads2019 and you can too so we can all follow each other.

That’s it! I know most challenges require a TBR or, you know, anything besides just an intention, but I am such a terrible mood reader that I know I won’t stick to my own so why would I ask it of anyone else?

As for what counts for “frightening” – it is anything that you can honestly say scares you or gives you the willies. Suspense, intense action, and the classic terror reads are all part of the feeling of the season. And, any age groups are welcome! I know….I’ve made it really difficult.

Tell me, please!

If spooky reading isn’t for you, how do you enjoy fall?


24 thoughts on “Frightening Good Reads 2019

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  1. Ooh I have a good one! I did a post of spooky nonfiction last year but didn’t really have enough to compile one this year. I did read a book about fear though so I’ll link it up once the review is up. I’m excited to see the other suggestions! And I love how relaxed you made this, you’re the best 🙂

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      1. Ray Bradbury. There are a few of his short stories from The October Country I like to read the kids around Halloween. The Emissary is one of my favorites for them! Although I do love a good haunting story too – The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters comes to mind.

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