August Wrap Up and Motivation Post

I haven’t done a single monthly wrap-up all year. Why start now you may ask? Well, because we are nearing six months of COVID-19 and I am done letting it rule my brain.

Not only was this a low reading month for me but most of these books I read in a burst of energy rather than my usual daily reads. It was like I was living two different lives and one of them was me fighting the quick-sand of indecision.

I did manage to get a review up for The Dutch House today and I know I reviewed Engagement and Espionage but all of these other beautiful books are without reviews! Not only am I reading far less than usual, I am reviewing hardly any of my books and I really haven’t since March.

Here is a handy chart of what I have decided is me muffled by COVID concerns and the new (and hopefully improved) me.

I work best with a plan and a checklist. But none of that matters if I am constantly second guessing myself. This weekend I sat down and realized that the second (and third….) guessing was really what was keeping me from living every day to the fullest. I couldn’t decide how to proceed on anything and that feeling, that I was stuck, was absolutely of my own making. I had no real work plan and I was just doing the assignments as they were handed to me, no more and no less. No reading or writing plan, no workout plan, nothing! Everyday I was just treading water.

Saturday morning I woke up and realized that if I had gotten myself stuck I could un-stick myself. So I did what I have always done in the past and I made a plan. I’m going to stick to this plan through September and, if I hate it then, I will change it. But I won’t sit anymore wondering what I should do because that is not living.

Saturday I sat down and finished reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and I need to review it before I start reading another book. I started the first workout of the first week of the couch to 5K plan. I despise running but I am going to give it a try. If I still hate it I will change it in October. I made a reading plan, an eating plan, and a new sleep schedule.

Even two days into my new plan I feel rejuvenated, renewed, and finally I feel like I am moving forward. So, I make my sad wrap-up for the Month of August in the hopes that my wrap up for September reflects my new plan in action.

Tell me, please!

How are you doing out there?

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