Blogmas: December 1

In January my blog will be five years old and I have never participated in Blogmas. Every December has always been spent running around and purchasing presents, visiting friends and family, and hitting all the things my town has to offer in terms of celebration. But, 2020 has been a year like no other and this Christmas season will be no exception.

But after more than nine months of this virus I have stopped looking at what I cannot control and what I shouldn’t do and started to focus on what is within my power. I want to spend my Christmas season celebrating all of the simple, wonderful, and easy to do Christmas activities focusing on things we can do safely, cheaply, and alone while still bringing the joy and wonder of the season into our hearts and our homes.

I am starting this Blogmas on December 1st, which also happens to be Giving Tuesday, and so I am taking some extra money I have that I would usually spend on books and giving it to my local PBS Station. I will also be taking some of the books that I know I won’t re-read and walking them down to my Little Free Libraries. Neither of these things is Earth shatteringly huge but all the little things help. If you are looking for ways to help, Giving Tuesday has so many fantastic ideas. You don’t need money or things to participate, there are a million different ways to give!

For the rest of the month I hope to post something simple everyday that anyone can do to help bring a little (probably bookish) Christmas spirit into their lives!

Tell me, please! Are you participating in Blogmas?

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