Blogmas: December 5


I feel very fortunate that I get a lot of Christmas cards every year. I don’t know if it because I have some (seriously) crafty friends and family or because I send them out too. About ten years ago I noticed that I wasn’t receiving many (any) and decided to send out my own. This post is an encouragement to send a card – any card – to friends and family without the expectation of a return card. Think of it as a little gift that lets people know you are thinking of them this season. And, hopefully, in years to come you will receive some back!

I know, for a while, my social circle spurned Christmas cards. There are a lot of reasons out there but the one that trips me up the most is that feeling that my card just isn’t good enough. Pinterest and professional photo sessions seem to have taken over the Christmas Card business and with digital photography and photoshop, you can just keep working until everyone looks absolutely perfect.

However, my hands-down, favorite card every single year is from my friend Nicole. She is one of the most talented photographers I know but her card is usually a simple but beautiful thing. Except, she stuffs the envelope with glitter or confetti. Her card arrives first every year and when I open it some tangible joy always escapes. For the rest of the season (and sometimes much later) I will find the confetti, smile, and think of my friend who thought enough of me to send a card. We should all be Nicole!

The second thing that gets me every year is the timeline. One year I just sent out Happy New Year Cards because they weren’t done and addressed until after Christmas. Sometimes, I contemplate just forgoing the whole thing and sending St. Patrick’s Day cards. But, honestly, once I threw perfectionism out the window, the whole thing is not hard.

The very best thing I did was to put all the addresses into a label format on my computer. Would I like to be the person to hand addresses every single envelope in beautiful calligraphy? Yes, yes I would. But, sometimes good enough is good enough.

Don’t be daunted by this task. Fold a piece of paper in half and stick a picture to it. Buy store bought cards. Download a picture you love and make a card from one of the many, many websites. If it is fun for you to make, it will be fun to receive!

Tell me, please! Do you send Christmas Cards?


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  1. I love sending and receiving holiday cards! because I have some Jewish and Wiccan friends, though, I tend to keep my cards more winter-themed than Christmas-themed. This year I’m painting my own cards with a scene of the northern lights over a pine forest. I *almost* regret it because each card takes about half an hour and I have 19 in total to do, but I know it’s going to be worth it in the end. Formatting the addresses on the computer is SMART though; I might cheat a bit and do that instead of writing them all by hand.

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    1. That sounds stunning and I am jealous! I watercolored a card one year and kept one for myself (made it into an ornament) and it reminds me every year of the lovely memory. I also have several friends who are Jewish or Muslim and my cards are also always something like “Joy” or “Lights” – I love inclusivity and that is such a good reminder! Thank you!

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