Blogmas: December 3, 2020


Last year, for whatever reason, every single store had, My Favorite Things with a holly jolly Christmas backup. I found myself terrible annoyed. First, I’m a massive Sound of Music fan but I’m not sure when this became a Christmas song. Second, being in the stores at Christmas is the worst but is made into a psychological test on patience when you add Musak. I was just standing there, sweating in my winter coat, arms laden with presents and desperately humming along trying to figure out the song….bam! It was My Favorite Things….again!

As annoyed as I was with the song, I was inspired! Every year I give books as presents on Christmas Eve to my nearest and dearest so that they have something special to read in anticipation of the big day. When I was checking out I asked for paper and went directly home to wrap those special books.

Books wrapped in brown paper and tied with green and red string

This year the tradition continues. I wrapped the presents extra early so I can stack them up as decoration and they look so simple and cheerful sitting under my tree. I had the red and green embroidery thread from when I thought I would while away quarantine cross stitching, but any string will do!

Tell me, please! What is something that drove you crazy last Christmas that you don’t have to do this year?

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