2021 Reading Challenge Wrap Up: Audiobook Challenge

Ten whole audiobooks! Is this as many as in years past? No. Am I embarrassed or shy about these results? Also no. This puts me in the Weekend Warrior Category which feels accurate for this year. 2021 had black-to-back reading slumps that had me questioning where reading and books belonged in my life. In August I only managed to read one book. It was a joyless and stressful condition. Audiobooks, as always, helped me rebuild my reading.

These audiobooks weren’t all hits but they kept me company and brought me (for the most part) joy.

What I learned this year from audiobooks is that I love scary ones more than I could have imagined. Death Troopers by Joe Schreiber really opened my eyes to that.

I also love memoirs and travel books. Take me on a journey through your life and across the world! The Day the World Came to Town was a stand-out audiobook that brought me hours of joy. Likewise, traveling to Scotland with Clanlands by Sam Heughan & Graham McTavish was fantastic fun. And, Steve Martin reminded me with Born Standing Up how much I love from memoirs.

What I will not be repeating in 2022 are the pseudoscience books like, Talking to Strangers or Breath. Even Dare to Lead and The Gift of Fear, while better, were not memorable or enjoyable enough to recommend to one and all.

Think Like a Monk, however, reminded me how much I enjoy self-improvement books but also how much more I can gain from reading the physical copy. I love highlighting and outlining books that speak to growth. In 2022 I will try to remember how much more the physical book supports this growth.

This challenge is one I enjoy every year but Kimberly’s welcoming and supportive attitude about it helps me keep the joy. I cannot wait to join again for 2022!

Tell me, please! What are your favorite types of audiobooks?


11 thoughts on “2021 Reading Challenge Wrap Up: Audiobook Challenge

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  1. I just discovered audiobooks this year and I’m really loving them! (The trick is to have something to do with your hands while listening, it seems). Do you have a favorite or preferred narrator when it comes to audiobooks? I’m listening to A Dowry Of Blood right now and Abby Craden is just spectacular. Do you have any audiobooks you’re particularly looking forward to in 2022?

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    1. I do not have any narrator I prefer but some are just so excellent with certain books.

      I love the way Jennie Lawson narrates her books. Her hilarity and sincerity are profoundly increased by her voice. I can’t wait to listen to her newest book Broken.

      And, I really want to hear if Leslie Jordan is going to narrate his book How Y’all Doing?

      And I 100% agree with having something to do with your hands! I love to listen while I clean or go on walks.

      I need to check out Abby Craden! Thanks for the recommendation!

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  2. Ugh, as we’ve discussed I’m right there with you on Talking to Strangers. How his books are so mega popular baffles and frustrates me.

    I did however love The Gift of Fear and found it massively helpful…it was one recommended to me years ago and I thought it sounded too self helpy and never bothered with it. Once I read it I was just astonished at how much I could’ve been applying from it in the meantime. But I guess they’re lessons you could have easily learned elsewhere and then seem less impressive 😂

    The Day the World Came to Town was super popular during Nonfiction November this year! I really need to try that one, it sounds so reassuring and lovely!

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    1. Yes and double ugh to Talking to Strangers.

      I may need to soften my comments on Gift of Fear. I really did enjoy it but I, sadly, read it after Talking to Strangers and Breath and I was just a little done in by the opinion of single men. The Gift of Fear was repetitive (trust yourself!) but excellent in pointing out why we should trust our instincts. I would have loved that book to also follow up on the difference between fear and anxiety.

      The Day the World Came to Town came to me through NFN! And it was super inspiring. Just lifted me right up!

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      1. I could use something more buoyant, I really need to get to that one!!!

        I know what you mean, Gift of Fear could definitely be repetitive. And the message is probably common sense, it must appeal more to those of us who can’t be trusted with our common sense so it provided some helpful reframings 😂


  3. They are just not my thing. I read old paperbacks and hardcovers all night and am happy with that! Somehow the voice used matters too much to me, and if I don’t like it, it’s not worth me trying to force myself to listen. Books to me are too subjective to have someone I don’t know read out loud to me. Everyone’s mileage may vary!

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    1. Oh – I can completely understand! I have a few narrators I absolutely love and I also love full cast recordings – they feel like radio shows to me. But you have to like something to stick with it for 10+ hours. You do your thing!

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