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Challenge Update: The Goodreads Challenge and My Favorites of 2019

This year I vowed to log every single book I read on Goodreads. I know that this sounds silly - what is the alternative? Well, what I did pre-2019 was to only log the books I was proud to read or ones that I reviewed. Which is just silly because every single book is a… Continue reading Challenge Update: The Goodreads Challenge and My Favorites of 2019


2019 Reading Challenge Update: Audiobooks

2018 might have been the year I discovered the power of audiobooks but 2019 is definitely the year that I made audiobooks work for me. And, I owe it all to Hot Listens and Caffeinated Reviewer's audiobook challenge! In this challenge, you are encouraged to listen to audiobooks and they make being successful so easy. Here… Continue reading 2019 Reading Challenge Update: Audiobooks

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My 2019 Challenge Update: Serious Series Challenge

I took up six reading Challenges in 2019 as well as the Goodreads challenge. Of these seven, five were successes. The two failures were the Totally Harry Potter Re-Read through and the Learn Something New Challenge. Both these challenges I will discuss later. But first, the successes! The Series Books I Finished in 2019 For… Continue reading My 2019 Challenge Update: Serious Series Challenge


2019 Reading Resolutions and Challenges

Happy 2019! I had a wonderful year of reading and I am really excited for another! My biggest resolution is to read and enjoy the books I already own. Since the book buying ban was an absolute flop I am instead trying to be more gentle and encouraging about my book buying. Therefore, for every 5… Continue reading 2019 Reading Resolutions and Challenges